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Main event: 18-04-2017

Mayor praised the progress of the harvesting campaign in Chelyabinsk

Citywide “subbotniks” starts in Chelyabinsk only next week. This convinced Mayor Yevgeny Teftelev in the framework of the past today, 18 April, retreat on cleaning the territory of megalopolis.


Chelyabinsk car enthusiasts do not concede to the road to electric transport

Since the beginning of the year in Chelyabinsk registered 14 traffic accidents involving trams, which have occurred by reason of not providing benefits in the movement of public transport. Representatives of traffic police and guide CheljabGJeT discussed the issues of prevention of accidents involving trams and trolleybuses in the city.

Termination of traffic in Kalininskiy district

In connection with the construction of a sewer collector from 8-00 20 April to 22-00 27 April will terminate traffic on a stretch of street Aktubinskaya to Batajskogo alley up the Izhevskaya street.

In the administration of the city was awarded the most sports citizens

In Chelyabinsk, summed up the competition for the best organization of mass sports and recreational activities among residents and awarded the winners of Competitions among industrial enterprises and areas of the city.