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The Honorable Citizens

The identity of any city is its inhabitants, the people who determine the rhythm and the quality of the big city life.

On September 8th, 1967 the executive board of the City Council of Workers' Deputies established the title of “Honorary Freeman of Chelyabinsk”. It became a special form of encouragement for merits to the city in the sphere of law-bound state development, public education, health care service and culture.

The first citizen of Chelyabinsk who was given this title was I. Belostotsky. On April 29, 1973 in the hall of Chelyabinsk City Council a stand “Chelyabinsk Honorary Freemen” was opened. On the white marble the names of the five Honorary Freemen – Belostotsky, E. Karpenko, M. Moroz, V.Gusarov and Y. Osadchy were inscribed with gold. Nowadays this stand looks more modern and every year new names appear on it.

Traditionally the conferment of the title takes place shortly before the celebration of City Day:

—  to the citizens who have made a contribution in economical and religious development of city and who have attained a great fame and respect among Chelyabinsk citizens;

—  to the natives of Chelyabinsk whose public, political, social, scientific, cultural and any other activities have gained national and international recognition;

—  to the Russian Federation and other countries citizens who have conspicuous services to the city.

In accordance with the Statute, a special diploma and a personalized lapel badge with the inscription “A Honorary Freeman of Chelyabinsk” is presented, a certificate signed by head of municipality is given. The data are placed on the stand “Chelyabinsk Honorary Freemen” in the hall of City Council. A memorial book, “Chelyabinsk Honorary Freemen” is also placed here. It was published on 265th anniversary of Chelyabinsk.

As of from 1967 to 2014 51 people have been assigned the title “Honorary Freeman of Chelyabinsk”.