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The container sites forbidden to store waste not related to SMW

In the period from April 1st to June first forbidden to place waste from cleaning the territory of city and rural settlements, as well as residues when caring for lawns, flower beds, wood-shrub plantings adjacent to container platforms.

Residents will be teached how to manage their houses

Today, 20 April, a seminar was held for the residents of Kalininsky District of Chelyabinsk on topical issues in the sphere of HOUSING and COMMUNAL SERVICES. The main theme was the work of boards of apartment buildings and their powers.

In the metallurgical area will be held Jubilee relay

23 April in the metallurgical area held 70 athletics relay race. More than 250 teams will compete for the main prize.

The movement of trams will be closed on Sunday on the Tryda street

For repairs and replacement of the crossing piece rail of Tryda Street from the square of the fallen to Tram Depot No. 1 in Sunday, April 23, closes the movement of trams.

Cleaning the territory of Chelyabinsk is gaining momentum

Harvesting in connected contractors, businesses and students. Mass “subbotniks” are already under the way. Today, 20 April, head of the Chelyabinsk Eugene Teftelev appreciated, the way how the territory is cleaning on the two districts.

In Chelyabinsk city stage ended the Festival "student Spring"

Today, 20 April the final gala concert of the Festival "student's spring". Two weeks of the contest, viewers saw more than 500 rooms, and appeared on the stage, thousands of 1500 students.

"Clean games" will be held in Chelyabinsk

22 April on the territory of Shershnevskogo reservoir team competitions will be held for the collection and sorting of garbage "clean games". Anyone can participate, applications will be accepted until the end of the day on April 20.

In parent day will operate special routes of the municipal transport

25 April, during the qingming Festival, the number of units of public transport will be increased. For the convenience of the townspeople mue motion service displays a line of special shuttle routes in areas of urban cemeteries.

Chelyabinsk car enthusiasts do not concede to the road to electric transport

Since the beginning of the year in Chelyabinsk registered 14 traffic accidents involving trams, which have occurred by reason of not providing benefits in the movement of public transport. Representatives of traffic police and guide CheljabGJeT discussed the issues of prevention of accidents involving trams and trolleybuses in the city.

Termination of traffic in Kalininskiy district

In connection with the construction of a sewer collector from 8-00 20 April to 22-00 27 April will terminate traffic on a stretch of street Aktubinskaya to Batajskogo alley up the Izhevskaya street.

In the administration of the city was awarded the most sports citizens

In Chelyabinsk, summed up the competition for the best organization of mass sports and recreational activities among residents and awarded the winners of Competitions among industrial enterprises and areas of the city.

In Chamber Theater is seeking for a Jewish bride and write invitation in Hebrew

On Friday, April 21, in Chelyabinsk held the premiere of "my grandson Veniamin”, delivered by the laureate of the Booker Prize by Ludmila Ulitskaya. Chamber Theatre was the first in the southern Urals, appealed to the creativity of the author, so that premiere promises to be a landmark event for the city.

In Chelyabinsk renamed stops of public transport

Public transport stops "TRK Gorki” on the Lenina Avenue, was renamed.

Mayor praised the progress of the harvesting campaign in Chelyabinsk

Citywide “subbotniks” starts in Chelyabinsk only next week. This convinced Mayor Yevgeny Teftelev in the framework of the past today, 18 April, retreat on cleaning the territory of megalopolis.

Tram route №19 was restored

Today, on 18 of April, at 15-00 opens the movement of trams on Koksohim. The emergency feeding lines prematurely eliminated by forces of employees of the power generation CBM "CheljabGJeT".

Jury of “Andrjusha” prize chose the most talented children

The names of winners of VIII Award "Andrjusha-2017" for young talents in the field of art. Moscow jury chaired by people's artist of Russia, Andris Liepa named most talented children of southern Urals in the nominations "the dance", "vocals", "painting", "acting".

The delegation of the Korea Republic will arrive in Chelyabinsk

South Ural Chamber of Commerce and industry together with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea invited entrepreneurs of the city of Chelyabinsk on business negotiations between Korean and south Urals enterprises within the framework of the visit of the delegation of the Republic of Korea.

In the Chelyabinsk region expanded category of “Children who deceased in the Patriotic war”

Children who were killed in World War II have new status on the basis of "the books of memory of the great patriotic war veterans 1941-1945. Innovations are adopted on the basis of changes in the order of the Ministry of Social Affairs " on the procedure for the issuance of identity cards to children of deceased veterans of the great patriotic war and coequal to them persons residing permanently in the territory of Chelyabinsk region.

Entrepreneurs are invited to a seminar on security tax

Committee of economy of the city of Chelyabinsk in association with La consulting within the framework of the winter-spring business session invite entrepreneurs to participate in free master class.

Chelyabinsk children vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis

In Chelyabinsk ends free vaccination of children against tick-borne encephalitis. Vaccinations are putting preschoolers and younger pupils through subsidies from the regional budget.