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Main event: 31-07-2017

Since August, there has been an increase in the municipal transport of Chelyabinsk

In Chelyabinsk, the cost of travel in urban public transport will increase. It will be 23 rubles from the first of August


In Chelyabinsk will bury remains of the soldier of the Great Patriotic War

In Chelyabinsk on the avenue of brotherly burials of the Uspensky cemetery the memorial service devoted to burial of remains of the soldier who was lost in days of the Great Patriotic War will take place on the seventh of August. Serikov Anton Alekseevich was considered as missing person since 1941.

"Grinlandiya" as mirror of the Russian soul

At the end of July in Kirov on the river bank of Bystrits the anniversary XXV Festival of the author's song "Grinlandiya" came to the end.

In Chelyabinsk the movement down the street Vitebsk will be partially closed

Since August seventh traffic down the street Vitebsk from Tatyanicheva Street to Ternopolskaya Street will be stopped.