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Main event: 06-12-2018

Dismantling of illegal kiosks continues in Chelyabinsk

In the regional capital, work continues to bring order to the streets of the city. The most important block of this activity is the dismantling of illegal non-stationary objects, especially on the guest routes of Chelyabinsk.


In Chelyabinsk, eliminating illegal places trade in Christmas trees

In all areas of the city, specialized fairs will begin work only from December 15. And today, December 7, the first raid took place, during which two locations of illegal trade in coniferous trees were revealed. The events will now take place almost every day until the end of the Christmas tree markets, on December 31.

The city prosecutor's office will hold a personal reception

On Wednesday, December 12, the All-Russian Citizens Reception Day will be held in the prosecutor's office of the city of Chelyabinsk.

Rehabilitation Center "Health" celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Chelyabinsk Municipal Social and Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adolescents with Disabilities “Health” is 20 years old.