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Christmas celebrations in Chelyabinsk

Christmas celebrations in Chelyabinsk are coming to an end. They were organised by the municipal Administration, City Women Council, Chelyabinsk Eparchy and social organisations. Today, on the 7th of January, about one thousand children from orphanages, foster houses, orthodox gymnasiums and also disabled children were invited to a Christmas Party to the Opera house. It is worth mentioning, that this Christmas Party is held for the tenth time in Chelyabinsk, as part of the relief effort «Chistmas fairy-tale».

Attention! School classes were canceled in Chelyabinsk

In connection with low temperatures today, 8 February, school classes from first to seven grade were canceled in Chelyabinsk.

Evening in memory of Zajnully Rasulev will be held in Chelyabinsk

On the 8th of February in ISU "Centre of national unity” will be held a Memorial evening dedicated to the prominent philosopher, theologian and teacher-enlightener of Muslim world, Sheik Zajnulle Rasulev, in honor of the 100 anniversary of his death.

Renovation of the Palace of Pioneers comes to the end

In several buildings of the Palace of Pioneers and schoolchildren a widescale renovation is almost completed. The next in line is faсade of the main building, told the head of the Chelyabinsk Evgeniy Teftelev and City Council Chairman Stanislaw Mosharov during the visit

No accidents during Christmas holidays in Chelyabinsk

Today, on the 9th of January, at the operational meeting Executive district officers and heads of different departments gave a summary of the work done during the holidays.

Libraries start Ecology Year

Chelyabinsk Libraries start the Year of Ecology and from the 11 of January invite citizens and city guests to the free eco-tour «The world of Reserves». The action starts on the Day of Reserves and National Parks.

Extended vacation for Chelyabinsk schoolchildren

The educational process in schools and institutions of further education will be temporarily stopped from 11 to 14 January. This decision was made in accordance with the Federal Law of 30.03.1999 «On the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population» and in connection with a high rate of influenza and SARS cases in Chelyabinsk.

Evgeny Kurakin passed away

Honorary citizen of Chelyabinsk Evgeny Fedorovich Kurakin died on the 92nd year of his life today, on the 11 of January.

Managers of enterprises are invited to the internship

Russian educational programs Foundation «Economics and Management» in cooperation with the Union of Machine Builders of Russia is organizing a series of training for governing technical and managerial staff of enterprises in Russia, in domestic and foreign companies, leading in the field of production organization.

The traffic in Leninsky district will be limited

In connection with construction of the sewer traffic will be limited opposite to building №130 on the Novorossiyskaya street from January 15 to January 22.