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Russian industrial forum invites participants

In Ufa exhibition complex «VDNH Expo” from 22 to 24 March will be held Russian industrial forum. Chelyabinsk enterprises are invited to participate.

Mayor congratulates women educationalists with 8 March

The solemn event on international women's day passed today, on the first March, in Chelyabinsk. Heads of educational institutions, educators, veterans of the pedagogical labour congratulated by the head of the Chelyabinsk Eugene Teftelev.

Termination of traffic in Kalininskiy district

In connection with the construction of a sewer on a stretch of the Partizanskaja street from Aktjybinskaja street to the 2-th North-Crimean lane, traffic would be stopped on the third March from 08-00 to 10-00 pm of the fifth of March.

The head of the Chelyabinsk city Eugene Teftelev welcomed the participants of the Festival «CHELoVEK THEATRE»

В Челябинске продолжается фестиваль «CHELоВЕК ТЕАТРА». Сегодня, второго марта, четвертый день театрального форума открыл Глава города Евгений Тефтелев.

Gifts to the 8-th of March from multifunctional centers of Chelyabinsk

From 6 to 10 of March in all the offices of MFC will be held an action on the registration of citizens on a single portal of public and municipal Each applicant, who registers for the first time on the portal will receive a souvenir. Only in the pre-holiday on the 7 of March, the beautiful half of humanity-women will be given a valuable gift.

The fifth "CHELoVEK Theatre” comes to the end

Three days and six performances left until the end of the Festival «CHELoVEK Theatre”. Tonight their works will show the Lyceum Theatre from Omsk and will introduce a play by Jean Cocteau "Indifferent handsome", written by the author specifically for the famous Edith Piaf.

In Kalininskiy district renovation works continues

In connection with the construction of a sewer on a stretch of the Aktubinskaja street from Partizanskaja to Kutaisskoj street car traffic will be suspended from 8-00 of the 6 March to 22-00 of the 27 of March.

Freshet in Chelyabinsk is controlled

Measures to ensure safe passes on the territory of Chelyabinsk floodwaters discussed today, on the 6 of March, in frames of the enhanced hardware meeting. At the moment, preventive measures is out for prevention possible emergency situations, and also approved the composition of the Commission, which included the service and administration of the city, said the head of Chelyabinsk Eugene Teftelev.

Mayor of city Eugene Teftelev congratulated excellent students of GTO

In the city administration of Chelyabinsk was awarded the winners of the second stage of the regional branch of the winter festival of GTO complex.

Volunteers, students, veterans: Eugene Teftelev congratulated activists with 8 of March

Reception of the head of Chelyabinsk Evgenia Tefteleva was dedicated to the international women's day, passed today, on the 7th of March, in the city administration.