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The “Acknowledgement” Prize

Символ премииThe “Acknowledgement” Prize, which is an annually superior social award, was established in 2006 on the eve of 270th anniversary of Chelyabinsk. The main purpose of the establishment of such a prize is to appreciate socially valuable activities of enterprises, organizations, private persons and functionaries aimed at the improvement of life quality for citizens, the development of mutually beneficial co-operation of local authorities and the business entities and support charity activities.

Chelyabinsk City Council together with Municipality took the lead of establishment the “Acknowledgement” Prize.

The process of conferment is controlled by the organizing committee, the supervisory board and the jury of the prize the member of which are elected from representatives of Chelyabinsk City Council , Municipality, non-governmental associations, expert community and Honorary Freemen of the city. Not only enterprises, institutions and organizations, but also private persons can become candidates for the Prize. The important thing is to correspond to the conceptual idea of the competition, which means to be active in supporting socially valuable projects.

The right to set up a candidate for the Prize has the Mayor, municipality of Chelyabinsk, the organizing committee, and the members of the supervisory board. However the establishers of the Prize leave the opportunity for self-nomination. So any citizen or a group of citizens of Chelyabinsk who are socially active can participate and compete for honorary award.

The decision to reward is made by a simple majority of votes after consecutive discussion of candidates. The Prize is given in three nominations:
“For the best socially meaningful project”, “For the contribution in development of economic sector” and “For an active charity activity”. 
Alongside with competitive nominations there are established special nominations of the supervisory board and primary sponsor. According to the tradition, the ultimate results of voting and the names of the “Acknowledgement” Prize laureates approved by the organizing committee are kept in secret to be announced immediately on the award ceremony that takes place annually.

The candidates who obtain the title “The “Acknowledgement” Prize Laureate” are given a diploma and a lapel badge made of precious materials. But the main Prize, that is given, as a rule, by the Honorary Freemen, is a figurine, the symbol of the “Acknowledgement” Prize. The figurine was created by South Ural State University PG Student Vladimir Bolotov and embodied by Art Manufactory Workshop “Valykirya”. It is a rock crystal sphere enlaced by a golden spiral incrusted with phianites and rays beaded on it. The whole composition is placed on a jade stand.