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Popov Alexander Evgenyevich

Born on 02.04.1949.

By the decision of the Chelyabinsk City Duma on August 25, 2015 number 12/2 he was awarded the title of the "Honorary Citizen of the city of Chelyabinsk."

He is the Honored teacher of Russia, a member of the Writers' Union, director of the lyceum number 31.

He has managed one of the most prestigious and successful schools of the city for more than twenty years. Thanks to him, Chelyabinsk Lyceum number 31 steadily occupies the first position in the region and is in the top 25 of the best educational institutions of the country. Alexander Popov has established partnerships with leading universities and public organizations, formed a scholarship fund for excellent students in school and teachers. Today, high school number 31 is the center of attraction of scientific and creative intelligentsia, gifted children are taught by prominent figures of science and scientists of world renown. Earlier, Alexander Popov was awarded the Medal of Anton Makarenko for outstanding achievements in the pedagogical field, twice voted in Chelyabinsk as a "Man of the Year."