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Amirhan H., born in June 2005


He is a cheerful, inquisitive boy, studying in the 5th grade. He likes to read poetry, participates in competitions of readers and wins prizes. Amirhan is engaged in a section of athletics and always wins prizes. Loves working with the Lego construction kit.

Has a younger brother, with whom he is very close.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.



Andrei G., born in October 2006


Andrei is a quiet, friendly, shy and gentle boy, studying in the 3rd grade. His favorite school subjects: Music, Reading, Drawing and Physical Education.

Andrei has a lot of friends. Enjoys playing board games, likes doing different puzzles and play with Lego.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.




Vladimir H., born in December 2008


He is a calm, kind and affectionate child who likes to play quiet games. Studies in the 1st grade, attends school with the desire and interest. Vladimir enjoys painting, especially different models of cars. He loves to perform at the festivities.

Amirhan H. and H. Vladimir are siblings.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.


Danil Sh., born in January 2007


Danil is studying in the 3rd grade, he is active, sociable, kind, sympathetic. Easily communicates with children and adults. He likes to help educators, displays a responsible attitude to the orders.

He draws, sculpts, attends studio "Handyman", where he learns to saw, rasp, hammer nails. He is actively engaged in the sports hall, fitness equipment masters. Danil likes to perform at concerts, expressively recites poems.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.




Evgeny B., born in August 2001


He is a calm, friendly, emotional, responsible, modest young man. He is a student of the 8th grade, his favorite subject is History. Evgeny visits a computer class with a pleasure. He is an active participant in all activities, recently became interested in kickboxing classes. Evgeny is pleased to participate in theatrical productions.


Evgeny K., born in March 2006


He is a friendly, active, outdoor boy with varied interests. Evgeny is in the 4th grade, while learning needs help from adults. He is sociable and he is always ready to help. He enjoys visiting the theater studio and plays checkers. Recites poetry, participates in recitation contests, wins prizes.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.


Elena P., born in June 1999


Elena is a calm, friendly, accurate and hard-working girl, always polite. She willingly responds to all requests. This year Elena entered the 1st year college to become a  pastry chef. Elena loves watching romantic movies. She is the main helper in the family and takes care of younger pupils.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.



Ivan G., born in November 2012


Vanya is a very active, energetic boy. He likes to watch cartoons, listen to stories, play with the kids. With pleasure attends kindergarten. Vanya loves attention and affection, he is very inquisitive, interested in everything unfamiliar.

Ivan has an older brother - Nicholay, they are very close.

Open for: guardianship




Ivan P., born in August 2000


He is a calm, happy and cheerful young man talking with adults respectfully and kindly. Ivan easily establishes contact with his peers, trying to be a leader. He is actively involved in public life of the Centre. Ivan is in the 9th grade of secondary school. His favorite subjects are geometry and physical education. Enthusiastically participates in theater productions.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.


Leo Ya., born in May 2002


Leo is a kind, gentle and patient young man. He is a student of the 8th grade, attends lessons with the desire, he is very passionate about computer classes, he is also interested in Lego-designing. In the sports direction he prefers checkers. He likes to watch movies about the adventures, dreams of travelling to distant lands. His dream is to become a programmer.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.


Eduard F., born in July 2001


Eduard is a calm, cheerful and very friendly young man, easily communicates with his peers. Eduard is in the 9th grade of secondary school. His favorite subject in school - Physical education. Eduard was engaged in hockey for a long time, he is a fan of "Tractor" team. Actively participates in sports activities.

Open for: adoption, guardianship, foster family.


Nicholay G., December 2011 born


Nicholay is a cheerful, smiling boy. He likes to help adults, especially in the household. He is fond of drawing with pencils and paints. He likes to fulfill adults’ tasks. Attends kindergarten, has many friends.

Nikolay has a younger brother, Ivan.

Open for: guardianship.



For any questions you can contact the Guardianship Department of Social Service Office of the Administration of Centralny district of Chelyabinsk, Sovetskaya street 36, phone number: 7 (351) 263-44-95