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Alexiy K., born in May 2006


Friendly, polite, sociable, communicative. He likes to paint, play with "Lego" construction kit, play with cars and play bingo.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.

Anastasia A., born in April 2003


Anastasia is friendly, quiet, smiling, open. Easily communicates with children and adults. Loves to sing and dance.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.

Danil Z., born in December 2000


Independent, calm, balanced, responsible. Takes care of a younger brother. Danil is a good student, he likes to read books, he is interested in athletics, technology, and computer games.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.


Dmitry Z., born in December 2003


He is an active, inquisitive, physically fit boy.  Likes to be the first in everything. Likes to be positively appraised. He takes an active part in public affairs of the group and in creative activities of the Centre. He is fond of sports, interested in technology.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.


Eugene A., born in April 2002


Sociable, quiet, keeps his distance with adults,  takes good care of himself. He is fond of arts and crafts: painting, weaving. Learns English and plays football.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.


Ekaterina V., born in November 2004


She is a sensible, active and cheerful girl. She likes to help adults and to be praised. Katya can be entrusted with any task, and she will try to do it well. She is respectful and attentive to adults, loves small children.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.


Elena A., born in February 2002


Calm, sociable, likes to spend a lot of time with adults, to share her ideas and thoughts with them. Lena is an indispensable assistant in the group. Gladly does everything she is asked to do and loves when adults appreciate it. Loves nature, likes to grow plants.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.




Kirill I.,  born in August 2002


Neat, polite, sociable, cheerful, fair. He is fond of taekwondo, Greco-Roman wrestling, football.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.


Maxim B., born in September 2004


He is an open, curious, sociable boy. Easily communicates with children and adults. Maxim is interested in computer games, he likes to watch cartoons, to engage in hand work.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.


Maxim V., born in August 2006


Maxim is friendly, calm, balanced. He is a good student, he tries to fulfill all the tasks on his own, takes assignments of adults seriously. He likes quiet games, spends much time with the "Lego" construction kit, helps in the garden, reads books and watches movies about animals and travelling.

Open for: guardianship, adoption.


For any questions you can contact the Guardianship Department of Social Service Office of the Administration of Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk, Gagarin street 42a, phone number: 7 (351) 256 07 82