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The order and time of reception of citizens (physical persons), including representatives of organizations (legal entities), public associations, and also order of consideration of their appeals is approved by Regulations of Chelyabinsk Administration.

Signing up for a personal appointment with the Administration officials is available by phone: (351) 266-09-62, 263-07-37.

Mayor’s Reception: (351) 263-34-60

Reception of First Deputy  Mayor  N.P.Kotova: (351) 264-28-62

Reception of First Deputy  Mayor Y.V. Paranichev: (351) 266-18-70

Reception of Deputy Mayor for Urban Development Issues: (351) 266-62-82

Reception of Deputy Mayor for Road Economy: (351) 264-72-79

Reception of Deputy Mayor for Social Development: (351) 266-61-92

Reception of Deputy Mayor for Economy and Finance: (351) 265-22-05

Reception of Committee for Property and Land Relations Management(351) 263-49-35

Reception of City Health Department: (351) 263-10-75

Reception of Committee for Education: (351) 266-54-40

Reception of Department of Housing and Communal Services: (351) 263-48-91

Chelyabinsk City Administration E-mail:

You can also send a written request to: 454113, Chelyabinsk, Revolution Square 2. According to Article 7 of the Federal Law № 59-FZ dated 02.05.2006, "On the order of consideration of appeals of citizens of the Russian Federation," the citizens in their written statement must specify the name of the state body or body of local self-government, which shall receive the written request, or the surname, name and patronymic of the official concerned, or the position of the person. Also they must give their surname, first name, e-mail address to which should the answer should be sent, present the essence of the suggestion, application or complaint, give the signature and the date.

Schedule of reception of citizens on personal matters by Administration officials is given here.

Moreover, you can post a request in the internet reception of the city Administration.

For issues concerning restoration of landscapes after excavation work, please contact the Public Amenities Department of Chelyabinsk by phone at (351) 277-85-16, 277-85-12

For questions related to the content and operation of the official website, please contact the Information Policy Department of Chelyabinsk Administration: (351) 263-65-76.

Telephone directory of Chelyabinsk Administration