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The videos that were put on the internet have not been made to order and has been created without any commercial or political purpose. These were the creative works made with love to the home town , the short films and entire row of videocuts tell about the capital of the Central Ural. All works had got a lot of views.

No doubt the ones who created the videos are proud of the their home town. They saw the things that present Chelyabinsk as the beautiful and fast-growing city with the good perspectives.

Kind ,tender and affecting Chelyabinsk through children's eyes.

The children from "Crystal" group showed their love for the home town in the short video. Gifted children from 5 to 17 years old praise the home in the video. They were Lisa Pavlova, Sasha and Ann Kryvtsovi, Vova Maslakov and Fatyma Bogatiryova.


There is an unofficial anthem of Chelyabinsk videocut filmed by web portal in 2011 on the occasion of the city's 275 years celebration day.This dinamic video contains musik by Igor Rasteryaev, composer from Saint-Petersburg. The lyrics were written by Konstantin Rubinsky, the poet from Chelyabinsk. The film starred well- and-not-that-well-known citizens like Stas Yarushin, Sergey Lukashin,"Yenotovy brothers" group, Boris Kaplun, Ildar Zhalilov, gubernatorial brassband headed by Igor Yezhov and many others.

There is the "Stone zone sorrows" video, that was a special project for the City day celebration. The most remarkable thing is that Sergey Bezrukov, the national artist of Russia, who's probably the most popular Russian actor nowadays played in the short film for the song by Oleg Mityaev,our fellow- countryman.

The song was recorded mainly by local teams ang groups like "Ariel", "Enotovy brothers", "Aerium" and other musicians from Chelyabinks. But celebrities Sergey Bezrukov and Oleg Mityaev were intrusted to sing the most sugnificent lines and play the main characters.

" I feel a lot of respect to the people living here and to Oleg Mityaev's work" - Sergey Bezrukkov says - " So it was a pleasure for me to participate in the shooting in the Chalyabinsk land".

"Stone zone sorrows" tells the story of Pugachev's Rebellion arised particularly in Ural. The scenarist was Oleg Khapov, director from Chelyabinsk. Dmitry Krupkin,the actor of Chelyabinsk little theatre played the role of Ivan Gryaznov, Cossack chieftain . The song that had already been written in the end of 80's got a modern arrangement. Several misical styles such as classic Ballad song, rock'n'roll, country style, heavy metal and even hip-hop were united and melted in one song. Every style got its own verse.