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Rights of business activity entities on the conduction of measures of control and supervision

Information on the Revenue Limit Values Increase

The Federal Law № 158-ФЗ of 29.06.2005 introduced amendments to the Federal Law ”On the peculiarities of alienation of estate property owned by the constituents of the Russian Federation or municipalities and taken on lease by small and medium businesses, and on amendments to a number of legislative acts of the Russian Federation”.

 Information on the revenue limiting values increase. Prime Minister of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev had signed order of 13 июля 2015 № 702, increasing in two times revenue limiting values in order to categorize economic entities to small and medium business entities.

 Administrative regulation on the municipal service: “Grant provision for small and medium business entities”. Approved by the Chelyabinsk city Administration order № 4-p of 22.01.2015

 Municipal program: “Assistance in development of small and medium businesses in the Chelyabinsk city in 2014 – 2017”.  The amendments introduced by the Chelyabinsk city Administration Decree № 11694 of 05.11.2015

 Regulation on the grant provision for small and medium businesses of the Chelyabinsk cityApproved by the Chelyabinsk city Administration Decree № 133-p of 08.07.2015 (rev. dd. 11.02.2016 №52-p, of 04.09.2015 № 168-p)

 Regulation on the grant provision for the development of the daily amusement groups of preschool children and other similar types of activities on the caring and minding for children. Approved by the Chelyabinsk city Administration Decree № 175-p of 06.10.2014 (rev. dd. 08.02.2016 № 50-p)