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350 million will be directed to public spaces and courtyards of Chelyabinsk

Chelyabinsk again became one of the cities participating in the federal project "The formation of a comfortable urban environment." This year it is planned to spend about 350 million rubles for the improvement of yard and public territories.

It should be noted that in January of this year the Administrations and Councils of Deputies of the districts conducted active work with residents, holding meetings and public discussions of projects and places that need to be put in order. First of all, we are talking about public spaces, for which over one hundred million rubles will be sent.

To date, there is already a preliminary list of facilities that can enter the municipal program, calculated until 2022. Depending on the financing, it is planned to put in order one public space per year in each district of Chelyabinsk.

"Residents of the districts take an active part in the choice of public spaces. The heads met with them, discussed the priorities, which will result in the formation of a list for the coming years. Then, in the rating vote, the Chelyabinsk people will choose those objects that will be included in the program for the current year, "Yevgeny Teftelev, the Head of the South Urals capital, said.

Currently, the site of the City Administration already has an interactive section with a list of areas that are proposed for inclusion in the program. It included such iconic objects as the children's park on the "Alomo Pole", the memorial complex "Zolotaya Gora", the beach of the village AMZ, the forest along Zakharanka street, the children's park named after Tereshkova, the public gardens "Pervostroiteley" and the recreation center "Stankomash", and also many others. Express their wishes and comments Chelyabinsk can on-line in a specially created section.