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The best teachers of Chelyabinsk received well-deserved awards

Today, on December 20, a solemn reception of heads of educational institutions of the city, laureates and winners of city competitions of pedagogical skill was held. On New Year's Eve, the Head of the city Evgeny Teftelev came to congratulate on the upcoming holiday and give the honored awards to the teachers for the event.

"By tradition, we sum up. And I want to note that the education system has always worked perfectly. I will not list all your services, there are a lot of them. But we see your progress at the level of the city, the region, in Russia as a whole. And I am very glad that our education system is at such a high level. Thank you for your work in 2017 and the coming 2018! "- noted in the welcoming speech of the mayor.

Competitions of professional pedagogical skills were launched in October, on the international day of the teacher, and lasted until December.In total, in 2017, six competitions were held in the municipal education system, 374 teachers took part in it.

As a result of the competitive tests, the best in the contest "Teacher-psychologist" named Ksenia Malysheva, teacher-psychologist of school number 3 (in the nomination "Debut"), and Julia Shareeva, teacher-psychologist at school №68 (in the nomination "Pedagogical Excellence"). The first place in the contest "The teacher of special (corrective) education" in the nomination "Professional skill: the teacher" - in the teacher of the correctional school No. 60, Maria Mishchenko, in the nomination "Professional skill: teacher-speech therapist and teacher defectologist" - in the teacher-speech therapist of the correctional school -Internet No. 11 of Olga Khazheyeva. The best class teacher in 2017 was Anna Veltyscheva, a teacher of Russian language and literature at gymnasium No. 48. Irina Aksenova, teacher of the foreign language of Lyceum No. 82, won the competition for young teachers "Pedagogical debut". In the contest "Teacher of the Year in Preschool Education" Ksenia Sosnina from kindergarten No. 339 became the winner in the nomination "Professional Skill" in the nomination "Debut "Elena Simonova, the kindergarten teacher № 351 became the best. The teacher of history and social studies of Gymnasium No. 1 Ekaterina Kazakova became the absolute winner of the city competition" Teacher of the Year "in 2017.

"Competitions of professional skills are always fireworks of talents and creativity. And when the competitions are over, creativity continues to live - in those innovations that educators introduce into the educational process, - summed up the chairman of the Education Committee Svetlana Portier. "I have no doubt that the participation of teachers in such competitions will have a beneficial effect on their future work, because such events are a full-fledged platform for continuous professional development."

Traditionally, Chelyabinsk teachers this year represented the city and region at All-Russian professional pedagogical competitions. Absolute winner of the All-Russian competition of professional pedagogical skill "Educate a person" was Svetlana Osadchaya, a chemistry and biology teacher at the secondary school No. 68. The winner in the nomination of this competition was the teacher of the additional education of Gymnasium No. 100 Jana Slavkov, the laureate was the deputy director for the educational work of secondary school No. 86, Elena Aichuvakova. Teacher of additional education Lyceum No. 97 Damir Sakanov won in the category of the All-Russian competition "I give my heart to children". Tatyana Kempel, the teacher of kindergarten No. 378, was one of the winners of the All-Russian Contest "Educator of the Year of Russia-2017".