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Cardiologists consulted visitors of TRK

The campaign "healthy heart" took place last Sunday, May 14, in four of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes. 450 people became its members, who were screened at the cardiologist, receive recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and healthy lifestyle.

The event enjoyed great demand. All came were measured blood pressure, 60% of them are first identified hypertension, said head of the Department of health administration, of Chelyabinsk Natalia Gorlova- people got initial consultation the doctor-cardiologist and were aimed at further examination at the place of residence.

As pointed out by doctors, women actively took part in the rally. However, some women came with their husbands and agitated them to participate.

"Men around the age of 50 years, usually consider themselves to be perfectly healthy and very reluctant to visit doctors. But this is the force which might not feel the rise in blood pressure, and therefore is at risk in terms of sudden problems with the cardiovascular system,commented Natalia Gorlova.- it is very important that they still got on consultation. Now the are aware of the problem, realizing that they need to go to the doctor, and to finish the survey, get the basic therapy, thereby reducing the risk of sudden coronary death rates.

Visiting the action took place in "Cuba", "focus", "Rollercoaster" and "Leroy Merlin". Department of health commends the Office of trade and management of shopping malls, which helped with the Organization of workplaces for doctors and in the conduct of socio-significant event.

"It is important and you need to pay attention to your own health. Focusing on healthy lifestyles, attentive attitude instilled in years, "said Chief Natalia Gorlova.- knowingly conducted clinical examination. Because at such consultations for the first time identified many problems: hypertension, diabetes, cancer. It is very important to pay attention to their own health, to visit a clinic or shares which are held specifically for the population on weekends.