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In Chelyabinsk, the 100th anniversary of the Commission on Minors' Affairs was celebrated

With the centennial anniversary of the guests came to congratulate the First Deputy Governor of the region Eugene Redin and First Deputy Head of the City Natalia Kotova.

"I sincerely congratulate you on the significant event, the anniversary. Accept sincere words of gratitude and gratitude for your hard work, professionalism, dedication, indifference, responsibility, kindness. All these qualities you show daily for the preservation of family values. I wish everyone health, happiness, well-being, spiritual strength, let your professional qualities, dedication, communication skills, wisdom, patience be aimed at strengthening inter-agency cooperation and for the benefit of Chelyabinsk, " - Natalya Kotova, First Deputy Head of the city, congratulated.

It is worth noting that for 100 years the activities of the Commission have changed, powers and functions have been expanded, but the main thing remains the main thing - caring for children. This year, the 100th anniversary of the Commission on Minors is a landmark event, as the 2018th is declared the beginning of the "Decade of Childhood" in the country.

"The city commission is an integral and integral part of the regional structure, in this regard, accept the congratulations on the centennial anniversary. I note that the commission was created by one of the first government of that era, because this is the main function of the state - protection of children, their rights and unauthorized encroachments. I express gratitude to all departments and veterans who work for the welfare of our children, your contribution is very difficult to overestimate, "- greeted the guests of the holiday First Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Yevgeny Redin.

In honor of the centennial anniversary of the Commission, the Governor of the region received the first deputy head of the city, the chairman of the city commission, Natalia Kotova and all the deputy heads of districts. In addition, the diplomas of the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child in the Chelyabinsk region noted experts from the bodies of the system of prevention of neglect and violations of Chelyabinsk. For many years of conscientious work and contribution to the prevention of juvenile delinquency, the heads of the district departments were awarded with honorary certificates of the City Administration, and the employees of the prosecutor's office were awarded with the thanks of the municipality.