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Chelyabinsk citizens can take part in the development of the route network

In Chelyabinsk the winner of the contest for the development of a new route network has been finally determined. Following the auction, the winner was the Chelyabinsk Institute of General Plan and Transportation. Until December 19 the contractor must submit the finished network development plan to the City Administration experts. Chelyabinsk residents will be able to take part in the creation of a new route network as well.

Currently, municipal buses and electric transport cover just over 30% of passenger transportation market. The new route network will allow not only to increase the number of public transport, but also to minimize the number of illegal carriers on city roads.  Yet the dense work with the security forces allows to identify them, since the beginning of the autumn season unscrupulous businessmen are imposed fines.  The task of prime importance of the Office of Transport and representatives of the general contractor of ChIGPT is to achieve a result of 50% to 50%.

Chelyabinsk residents can also take part in the development of long-term development of the route network and make their remarks. You can send your suggestions by or by phone: 8-351-945-56-90 until 1st of December.