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In Chelyabinsk dismantled more than 700 illegal objects of trade

In Chelyabinsk, work continues on the dismantling of illegal non-stationary objects. Today, February 12, with streets removed two of the pavilion, which the owners have installed without permission. Just over a year from the streets of the city eliminated more than 700 booths and stalls.

The first municipal service of dismantling the stall takes away from the street of the Young guard, 62, was selling vegetables and fruit. The object stood directly on the pedestrian sidewalk, owners notified that the booth needs to be cleaned, but they didn't make it.

"Sellers claim that they are here only a couple of months. The owner isn't present on a place, but it is a standard situation, he doesn't want to assume any responsibility: to pay a rent, to observe sanitary norms, - the Chairman of the Commission on social policy of Chelyabinsk city Duma Alexander Galkin comments. - The property is taken to a special Parking lot, where it can be picked up only after the presentation of evidence of ownership and payment of costs to the dismantling service".

At the second address, at the intersection of Kashirin Brothers and North Crimean, there is an Internet cafe. The object also takes the loader.

"There are some difficulties in our work, for example, the location of the stall in a narrow passage. To load it on the car, it is necessary to work: at first to pull out, then to establish on the loader, - the Deputy Director of mku "City environment" Dmitry Savushkin speaks. - Most of the work is done at night for safety, because the dismantling of the object can break and fall. In addition, oversized cargo is more convenient to transport when there is no heavy traffic".

In total, there are still about 2,000 kiosks to be removed, which are now located without any legal documents.

"The Chelyabinsk city Duma last year adopted all the necessary amendments in order to avoid all the loopholes that previously enjoyed the owners, - said Alexander Galkin. - Now the notification is issued on a site. If in the future on this site there is some object, it is already possible to come and remove without any warnings. In addition, on behalf of the acting Head of the city Vladimir Elistratov, the necessary regulations have been developed to dismantle the kiosks are not stagnated in storage. If they are not claimed within three months, they will be destroyed."