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In Chelyabinsk the exhibition "Great Urals - XII" was opened

Masters from all over the Urals Federal District gathered at the opening of the interregional exhibition "Big Ural", which presented their best works in Chelyabinsk. The solemn ceremony was held by the Chairman of the Board of the Union of Artists of Russia Andrey Kovalchuk.

"The Union of Artists has been carrying out this project for many decades. Once in five years, Russian artists are beginning to create exhibitions on the ground. These are municipal galleries, exhibition halls, where the selection of the best works goes on. I want to note that the Ural creators are very diverse, this is landscapes, historical figures, and applied creativity", says Andrei Kovalchuk.

In the Chelyabinsk region, a major art project of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation is held every five years, it demonstrates the progress and achievements of artists of the Urals region, and also illustrates the current state of one of the authoritative creative associations of our country. In 2018, the exhibition included works by artists from all over the Ural region.

"I want to note that our exhibitions are not held anywhere. And Chelyabinsk by right is chosen as the main city of the holding. I'm not here often, but today I'm really amazed by the positive changes in the South Ural capital over the past four years. Especially I noted gardening, landscaping, chic flower beds. And the new buildings, erected in recent times, are powerful, beautiful, modern. I think that this is the great merit of the acting Governor Boris. I am sure that thanks to the holding of the summits, the city will change even more, and we will often hold such large-scale events in Chelyabinsk", Kovalchuk shared his impressions.

Note that the unique exhibition "Big Ural" will work for one and a half months, until November 11, at two venues: the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists (Zwilling, 34) and the Alexander Hall (Revolution Square, 1). For all comers will be held various master classes, the schedule can be viewed here.