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Chelyabinsk joined the all-Russian campaign "100 points for victory"

Schools of Chelyabinsk joined the action "100 points for victory". As part of the event, the schools organized meetings of students in grades 10-11 with graduates of previous years, who received a high score on the exam. Boys and girls shared with students the experience of successful training and gladly answered the questions of graduates.

Events in the institutions were held in the format of master classes, class hours, open lessons, seminars and discussions. One of the schools implemented the format of a press conference. In some schools, representatives of higher professional education institutions were involved in discussions. Thus, the school № 45 was attended by specialists of the International Institute of design and service.

A number of institutions held creative programs: theatrical performances on the theme of the meeting, flash mobs, contests, quizzes, intellectual games.

In the majority of educational organizations within the action "100 points for a victory" showed to graduates the video with the message of graduates of last year who passed unified state exam and arrived in higher education Institutions of the Russian Federation. At school № 147 the participants of the action independently wrote the script and shot the video "We are preparing for the exam", in the gymnasium № 96 was organized shooting of the video by the creative group of the information and educational project "Pronas: school media holding".

In Lyceum № 11 the action lasted for two weeks. In addition to the traditional meetings with graduates of previous years, students defended longrides, as well as organized Lyceum bookcrossing "100 points for Victory" (transfer of benefits to prepare for the OGE and exam from graduates). In addition, the institution held a number of events for teachers.