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Chelyabinsk is preparing to celebrate the 281 anniversary of his birthday

On September 1, the pre-holiday week of events dedicated to the 281th anniversary of Chelyabinsk will start. In total, about one hundred concerts, competitions, sports, creative competitions and festivals are planned. Of these, the 26 largest entered the poster.

As the head of the Culture Department, Dmitry Nazarov, will open a series of events, talented young people at their festival "Artichoke" on September 1 in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after Gagarin at 14 o'clock.

On the weekend, the second and third September , the baton will be picked up by blacksmiths - the fifth festival of blacksmith's art "For the glory of metal" will take place on Kirovka. About 40 craftsmen from two dozen regions of Russia and the Donbass will present their skills this year. The result of the festival will be the manufacture of a bench for lovers. Directly the bench itself has already been made in St. Petersburg and will soon be delivered to Chelyabinsk. Each master must make one element for the overall composition - a fluttering butterfly that will decorate the art object. According to the contest, butterflies should be made no larger than the palm, in any technique and material - forging, welding, tracery, stained glass, damask, copper, brass. But that's not all: fix the butterfly on the bench so that it moves from the wind or light mechanical impact.

At the same time, the second festival of military-patriotic song "Our generation against terror" will be held in the Gagarin Central Park of Culture and Recreation. The program includes the performance of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Central Military District from Yekaterinburg, the vocal ensemble of the Moscow State Department of the Interior for the Chelyabinsk region, the Malachite orchestra and the legendary band Black Berets.

Traditionally, as part of the celebration of the City Day in Chelyabinsk, on September 2 , the Social and Political Opening Day will be held.About 200 organizations will gather on the Miass River embankment this year.

The regional festival of modern youth trends "Promotion" invites active Chelyabinsk residents on September 2 to the site behind the monument to Kurchatov at 14 o'clock. There will be an extreme park, a dance zone, a street fair of youth brands, graffiti, showrooms from alternative stores.

On September 8, a fashion parade starts at Kirovka in 19-30 hours. On the podium shows will be held with the participation of professional models and artists of theaters. Each output is a small play using professional light, sound and special effects.

The main festive events are planned for the ninth of September . The festive Cavalcade will pass along the main thoroughfares of Chelyabinsk, at noon its participants will be greeted by dancers with a large flash mob on the Revolution Square.

At 12 o'clock on Kirovka the results of the open regional competition of authors and performers "Song of the city-2017" will be summed up.On the same site, the KVN Festival "Chelyabinsk Cup-2017" will be held with the participation of Premier League and Major League teams.

At two o'clock in the morning, two concert halls will work: at the Revolution Square, young talents, winners of the Andriyusha children's prize, Chelyabinsk collectives and star guests will be pleased with their art: the Gradusy group and Oleg Gazmanov, and on the stage in front of the drama theater pop groups will perform "Roots" and "Factory."

In parallel, entertainment programs will be held in the parks of Kalininsky district, Gagarin, Tishchenko and the Pushkin city hall. So, in Gagarin's park on this day there will be an Alley of first-graders, where young visitors will be entertained by growth dolls, and bardic songs will sound in the park of Kalininsky district. The final day will be colorful fireworks with music on the embankment of the Miass River at 22 hours. About 12 minutes, the sky over the city will be painted with colorful lights, including large-sized balls of Russian production, which have a long glow time and rich colors.

The events dedicated to the Day of the city will last till September 18 . Citizens will be able to visit the festival "Chelyabinsk reading", which prepares the city and regional libraries, cheer for the participants in the championships in drift and equestrian sport, greet the procession of students. The final point will be put by the Philharmonia, which will celebrate the double holiday - the city's birthday and its 80th anniversary.

Челябинск готовится отметить 281 годовщину со Дня рождения