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Chelyabinsk is preparing to celebrate the Baptism of the Lord

On the night of January 18-19, Orthodox believers will celebrate the feast of the Holy Epiphany. The order of ablutions can be performed after serving in the church.

In total this year, five safe bathing places will be organized for Chelyabinsk residents, where rescuers and physicians will be on duty. According to Alexander Rymarev, Head of the Department of Life Safety, Chelyabinsk, as well as last year, two of them will be organized on Smolino Lake: in the Leninsky district near the temple "Soothe my sorrows" and in the Sovetsky district near the Smolino Hotel complex Park ", two more on the Shershnevsky Reservoir: near the" Temple of All Saints "and in the Sosnovka microdistrict along Red Cossacks Street, the fifth font will be prepared on Lake First (Mamina Lane, 1).

Rescuers remind that you should only dip in specially equipped ice-holes near the shore under the supervision of rescuers. Before swimming in the hole, it is necessary to warm up the body, having made a warm-up, to approach the hole in a comfortable, non-slippery and easily removable shoe. It is best to dip around the neck, without wetting the head, in order to avoid reflex narrowing of the cerebral vessels. Never dive into the hole ahead with your head. Jumping and diving with the head are not recommended, as this increases the temperature loss and can lead to cold shock.

To avoid a general overcooling of the body, one can stay in Jordan for no more than one minute. Doctors are convinced that specially trained people should perform such procedures. For the unprepared body is a great stress. Doctors recommend taking hot tea with you in a thermos, blanket, warm robe, slippers. Clothing should be easy to take off.

"Those who have chronic diseases, hypertension, bronchial asthma, diabetes, inflammatory diseases are not recommended to plunge into the ice-hole," said Sergey Cherepenin, Head of the Cardiological Department No. 1 of the Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital. - In no case can not drink alcohol. Alcohol affects the vascular tone, which can lead to all sorts of undesirable consequences. You should not swim completely hungry or very much eating. Pregnancy is also a contraindication for the rite. "

In addition to restrictions on health, there are also restrictions on age. As the head of the children's cardiology department of the city clinical hospital No. 1, Yulia Shilova, said, children under five years old should not be given such extreme procedures. If the parents still decided to take on such responsibility, then first of all you need to consult with the pediatrician.

Archpriest Alexy Bobylev added that bathing in the hole for baptism is not an Orthodox tradition. It will not help to let go of sins or heal. The priests sanctified the water in the cross-cut hole cut, so that the believers could take it for the house. Sanctified these days water, has a special power of grace. It is called agiasma (great shrine) and is reverently kept at home throughout the year and taken in the morning on an empty stomach with a prayer.

On the night of January 18-19, Metropolitan Gregory will perform a liturgy in the Epiphany Monastery of the Epiphany (5th Elektrovoznaya Street, 5A) on the shore of Smolino Lake. Hierarchal worship will begin at midnight. After the liturgy, at about 2 am, the believers will leave the church in a religious procession, and Vladyka Gregory will consecrate the waters of Smolino Lake.

The clergy of the Chelyabinsk church of the Apostles Peter and Paul (Sosnovka village, Red Cossacks street, 20) will perform a great blessing of water in the Shershnevsky reservoir. It will take place after the liturgy of the Epiphany Eve, around 12:00 on January 18.

The prior of another Chelyabinsk church of All Saints, priest Alexander Pogudin, will consecrate Jordan in the Shershnevsky reservoir in the area of the Caspian Shore beach. The rite of consecration will begin on January 18 approximately at 19-30 hours.

The rector of the church in honor of the Grand Duke Vladimir, Equal-to-the-Apostles, Archpriest Vladislav Vasilevsky, will consecrate the baptismal ice-hole near the beach of the Chelyabinsk hotel Smolinopark. Here the rite of consecration will begin on January 19 at 10-45 hours.

The priests of the St. Basil's Cathedral in the city of Chelyabinsk will consecrate the waters of the First Lake of Chelyabinsk near the house number 1 on Mamin Street on January 18 at 16 o'clock.

Cook holes will start tomorrow, January 18, from 10 o'clock. From 15 o'clock representatives of the Office of Life Safety of the population of the city of Chelyabinsk will begin a detour of the font. Officially they will be open until 3 pm on January 19th. After this, the fonts will be closed with shields and frozen. Those who wish to plunge later are invited to the club "Optimalist" on Novorossiyskaya Street, 79, where winter swimming is practiced and there is a hole.