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In Chelyabinsk, prevention activities continue to identify leaks coolant

With pm today, December 27, in the northern zone of the metallurgical area will be to identify and eliminate leaks on networks of heat supply. Work is carried out by mue Chelyabinsk municipal heat networks ".

In the part of the path network of metallurgical heat area will put special safe dye "Uranin and. Staining the water is to detect leaks from the heating and hot water supply system in flooded ground and other waters of the canals and Chambers. Dye "and" Uranin, used as an indicator of leaks, is a sodium salt of fluorescein, a good water-soluble with pronounced green. Dye is an organic solvent, is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment Wednesday, doesn't leave sediment on surfaces.

In the case of colouring of tap water in apartments in the yellow-green color, you must inform the dispatcher service of mue «ChKTS» by calling 723-01-87.