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Chelyabinsk residents are invited to an information meeting on vaccination

On April 24, the European immunization week starts in Chelyabinsk. This year, all activities within the framework of the campaign "I vaccinated" will be aimed at raising awareness of the importance of vaccination for public health.

In 2019, the annual list of threats to human health, compiled by who, for the first time entered the refusal of vaccination. So, last year in the medical organizations of the region there were registered 4842 children older than one year and 4083 children older than two years, not vaccinated against measles, 4609 children not vaccinated against polio. According to experts, the continuation of this trend threatens long-term success in the fight against epidemics of diseases for which there is a vaccine.

"Vaccine prophylaxis is a topic that is always relevant, at the same time it causes a lot of disputes, disagreements and is surrounded by a considerable number of myths. At the meeting, we will talk about what vaccination is, when and to whom it is shown, how to prepare for it, what to do in special cases, what can threaten the refusal of vaccinations and much more," the organizers of the meeting note.

Information meeting on vaccination will be held on April 24 at 17:30 at ul. Molodogvardeytsev, 31, building 1, "boiling Point". Participation is free, but you must first register by filling out the form

Speakers at the event will be Lyudmila Gurskaya - pediatrician of the highest qualification category, a specialist in vaccination of children's city clinical clinic № 1 and Tatiana Sofeikova - Deputy head of the surveillance Department Of Rospotrebnadzor in the Chelyabinsk region.

They will talk about what vaccinations are and why to do them, will highlight the issues of indications and contraindications to vaccination, explain what is the reason for the approved schedule of the national vaccination calendar.

It should be added that within the framework of the European immunization week, round tables, training seminars for specialists will be held in the region, information materials on the importance of immunization and providing the public with clear and scientifically based information will be distributed.

The event is organized by GBUZ "CHIMP" and the city Center of medical prevention GKP № 8.