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Chelyabinsk road workers worked around the clock

All night long columns of equipment carried out clearing of a street and road network of the capital of the southern Urals.

Recall, for work at night the contractor was formed 15 routes of snow removal equipment. Since 19: 00 yesterday, the mechanized columns started to enhanced cleaning.

"The equipment passed all planned night routes. Now we will tighten the shafts, shape them and prepare for export. The situation in the city working. Now the air temperature is falling, we will carry out treatment with anti-icing materials during the day to prevent the formation of ice and sweep. Request to residents not to travel by car for the snow, clean the car from snow, so as not to create dangerous situations and, if possible, not to Park along roadsides. This creates certain problems in the clearing", - said the Deputy Head of the city for road management Vladimir Aleynikov.