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Chelyabinsk roads are actively cleaned from snow

The main contractor for cleaning roads Chelyabinsk JSC "Yuzhuralmost" concentrated the main forces on snow removal. To date, 185 units of road machinery are engaged in cleaning the city.

By optimizing the main traffic routes, per night the equipment passes practically all over the city. Bases, including storage warehouses of icing materials are also scattered throughout the regions to promptly restock working machines.

Formed columns sweep the streets, treat with anti-icing mixtures and form snow banks, which are exported promptly. Snow is stored, as well as last year, in two special ranges: on Radonezhskaya street and Brodokolmakskiy tract.

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Yesterday, on November 9, on the streets there were working 78 units of equipment, at night - 161. In total more than 3500 tons of snow were removed in the past day. Today, on 10 November, 75 snowplows service Chelyabinsk roads.