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Chelyabinsk schoolchildren won 24 medals of the regional championship WorldSkills Russia

In Chelyabinsk V open championship "Young professionals" (WorldSkills Russia) of the Chelyabinsk region-2018 has come to the end. For the first time in the championship competitions juniors took place. In this category attended by students aged 14 to 16 years. Chelyabinsk schoolchildren won 24 diplomas in this age category.

Competitions were held on twelve competences, among them "CAD design engineering", "Mechatronics", "Web design and development", "Fashion technologies", "Electromontage", "Electronics", "Mobile robotics", "Turning work on machines with CNC »and« Milling work on CNC machines ». As a result of the event, students of Chelyabinsk schools won 24 medals. So, 4 diplomas were received by the representatives of the lyceum No. 142 (competences "Mobile Robotics", "Fashion Technologies", "Electronics"), 5 diplomas from the Lyceum No. 97 (Competence "Engineering Design", "Mechatronics", "Electronics"), 2 diplomas are in the school box number 108 (competence "Turning work on CNC machines", "Milling work on CNC machines"), and 2 - from the children from school № 59 (competence "ElectroMontazh." 3 representatives of lyceums won medals No. 120 (competence "Turning work on CNC machines", "Milling work on CNC machines", "Technologies m and "No. 11, the Palace of Pioneers named after NK Krupskaya (" Laser Technologies "," Electronics "), two diplomas were received by high school students of School No. 107 (Web Design and Development, Turning on CNC Machines "), One participant of the championship from school No. 62 (" Web Design and Development ").

Let's note, the students who took the first places in the competencies will take part in qualifying competitions for the right to participate in the finals of the VI National Championship "Young Professionals" (WorldSkills Russia), which will be held in August 2018 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.