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In Chelyabinsk, a tribute was paid to the great reformer Pyotr Stolypin

April 14 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the outstanding figure of Peter Arkadyevich Stolypin. Today, April 16, the Head of the city Evgeny Teftev and the first persons of the region laid flowers and wreaths to the monument of the reformer on the embankment of the Miass River.

"Today, Stolypin's life is a textbook for current politicians. Reforms of Pyotr Arkadievich can be reliably attributed to Chelyabinsk, which is already more than 280 years old, which means that its activities have also affected our native city, "said Head of Chelyabinsk Egvaniy Teftelev.

For reference:

Petr Arkadevich Stolypin (14.04.1862 - 5.09.1911) - an outstanding reformer, statesman of the Russian Empire, who at various times was the governor of several cities, then became Minister of Internal Affairs, and at the end of his life served as prime minister. The agrarian reform of Peter Stolypin and the law on military courts were for their time, if not a breakthrough, then at least a saving raft. Many decisions in the biography of Peter Stolypin are considered to be the most important for the end of the revolution of 1905-1907.

Petr Arkadevich was a supporter of the unification of the peoples of the country and proposed the creation of a special ministry of nationalities that could find a compromise to meet the interests of each nation without degrading their culture, traditions, history, languages, religion. The Prime Minister believed that in this way it is possible to eradicate inter-ethnic and religious strife and make Russia equally attractive to any person of any nationality.

Of his personal traits, his contemporaries were particularly distinguished by his fearlessness. 11 attempts were planned and was committed against Stolypin. During the last, committed in Kiev, Stolypin received a fatal wound, from which a few days later he died.