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Citizens will see books 60 to 50 mm size

Exhibition "Pushkiniana in miniature editions» opens on 23 of March. The Central Pushkin library visitors will have the unique opportunity to see more than 330 tiny masterpieces from the personal collection of Janna Obuhova. The exposition is dedicated to 180 anniversary of Pushkin's death and the 100 anniversary of the Central Library of Chelyabinsk, which carries the name of the great poet since 1949.

In the collection of Janna Obuhova more than five thousand copies of miniature books, collected for forty years. Each book is a history of great masters of the art of printing. Arrange and score it, print, stitch, twist is a complex jewelry.

A special place in the collection given to a miniature of Pushkiniana. Customers will be able to see selected works of Russian classics, poems of love, self-portraits and epigrams, pushkiniana in the books, poems of Pushkin. This is a rare and unique books published printed or hand-made, are examples of high book culture.

The exhibition features 53 publications about the novel in verse Eugene Onegin, among them there are illustrations of all known artists. Surprisingly, "millimeter" graphics and watercolors look easy, while keeping the spirit inherent in the traditional size pictures and text reading and without a magnifying glass. There are facsimile reproduction in miniature format editions of "Eugene Onegin," in 1837 in St. Petersburg. By the way, Russian miniature Pushkiniana began with this edition, which saw Pushkin before death.

Among the unique editions- Janna Obuhova project “Pushkin’s calendar” of 12 mini-books, released by miass publishing house Geotur edited to 200-years anniversary of the poet. On the covers depicted women who Pushkin devoted his poems. Calendar size is 60 x 50 mm, circulation is 200 copies. To transfer idea on paper helped grandchildren-15-year-old Leonid and 11-year-old Daria Kulaginy.

In the section "author's book" the guests will see the original albums of Saint-Petersburg artists:  graphics Engel Nasibulin and publisher Andrei Rykovanova, as well as 18 books autographed by the artists, publishers, producers.

Opening of the exhibition will be held on 23 of  March at 1:00 pm at the central Pushkin’s library (Commune street , 69).