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Dismantling of illegal kiosks continues in Chelyabinsk

In the regional capital, work continues to bring order to the streets of the city. The most important block of this activity is the dismantling of illegal non-stationary objects, especially on the guest routes of Chelyabinsk.

Yesterday, December 5, by the forces of the municipal service of dismantling the Brothers Kashirins from the street, they took another batch of unsightly stalls. The owners were warned about such cardinal measures ahead of time, and they had time either to arrange everything in accordance with the law, or to put things in order on their own, but more often the owners of illegal kiosks ignore these requirements.

"The owner of the building for the Kashirin Brothers, 89 was notified of the demolition three weeks ago, but he probably was sure that everything would be okay and decided to leave the pavilion on the spot. True, the equipment he still brought. On behalf of Governor Boris Dubrovsky, we systematically restore order on guest routes, we remove illegal objects and those that disfigure our city", said Alexander Galkin, chairman of the commission on social policy of the Chelyabinsk City Duma.

This year alone, more than 400 non-capital buildings were dismantled in Chelyabinsk, and the next year, according to the plan, more than a thousand illegal kiosks and pavilions will be removed from the Chelyabinsk streets.

"The whole process begins with the activation of the violation, which is carried out by the Improvement Authority, either at the request of citizens, or according to its own monitoring. A protocol is drawn up at the site, the owner is notified that within a month he must voluntarily remove his object. If the demand is ignored, the dismantling is carried out by the municipality, and the property is taken away to a special parking area, from where it can be picked up only after presentation of evidence of ownership. Now, by the way, a new order is in effect, when a notice of dismantling is issued at a specific place, and not at an object, so it will not be possible to cheat and return the kiosk to a place after some time", said Alexander Galkin.