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Eugene Teftelev summed up the past year

The traditional meeting of the heads of the city of Chelyabinsk Evgeniya Tefteleva with journalists took place today, 28 December. Mayor, shared his impressions and estimates of the activities of the municipality in the past year, outlined plans to 2017, and, of course, answered questions from the media.

According to Eugene Tefteleva, one of the main directions in 2016 was the repair and maintenance of roads of regional center. Basically, in Chelyabinsk in this season took place mid and patching that has gripped nearly one million square meters of roads, funding amounted to about 700 million roubles from the budgets of the area and the city.

The second important emphasis was placed on the Governor, a programme of "reality", which is the second year in a row. On the initiative of Chelyabinsk region Governor Boris Dubrovsky project is funded from the regional budget directly in districts. In the year 2016 was subsidized was 319 million these funds was settled a huge layer of problematic issues. So, some 13,800 110 yards, eliminated 95 illegal dumping, repaired 520 quarter driveways and sidewalks and much more. The following year, the municipality will participate in the program "our yard", that is, in fact, a continuation of the project "Real business". Federal funding will be about 700 million roubles, 200 million of which will go toward restoring the squares and parks, 500 million on landscaping yards.

Another relevant aspect of social development directions of Chelyabinsk is a reincarnation of the old residents of resettlement programme-emergency housing. For the current year 71 family has already received new apartments in 2017 year the project will only grow and grow. For example, recently commissioned a house across the street, Agalakova 45. The neighborhood is built on multi-storey apartments 219 documents future tenants are able to get next year. In continuation of this theme, you can note a scatter the authorities construction sealing Chelyabinsk: for example, resolved the issue with the construction of a residential building on street Ordzhonikidze, authorities offered a similar option to the developer of the land plot to another territory of the city.

It is worth noting one important vectors for the development of cities in this year's draft, became the new route network. This document has already gone public discussion. The next step is approval of the Deputy's body and the adoption of a new route network registry. The first innovations will be available in September of the year 2017, the implementation of all items of the project until the year 2022.

The main pride and achievement of the municipality, according to the head of the Chelyabinsk, is the construction of kindergartens and schools in the new districts. So, this year commissioned kindergarten No. 56 on 230 seats for Krasnopolie district at the Kurchatov Avenue, reconstructed and checked into the educational system kindergarten Mom, 3 lane and the 225 seats in the Traktorozavodskom area.

Full transcript of Mayor Eugene Tefteleva answer journalists ' questions can be read here.

28 12 2016