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Family alley appeared in Chelyabinsk

In the Chelyabinsk garden of Victory there is a new alley. The landscaped area, symbolizing family values, was presented to the citizens by the charitable Foundation "Decent life"and The company " world of entertainment". Today, on July 9, the Head of the city Evgeny Teftelev walked along the Family alley.

Brick walkways, unique pieces of artificial grass, benches in the shade of the trees became the center of attraction favorite place of recreation for Traktorozavodsky. Yevgeny Teftelev not only inspected the new Alley, but also talked to the visitors of the Park.

"I am glad not only for the new object and what has been done, but also for the communication. I talked to the residents, they have such a good attitude, they see good things that are done. A lot of nice words today I was told and addressed to the Deputy, and the head of the district. That's nice. And rightly noted that the garden of Victory is developing, every year there is something new. And it really is a real business card of the city of Chelyabinsk. New alley tasteful soundly, specially, to the people who visited it, felt loyalty, love and domesticity", - shared his impressions of the mayor.

It is worth noting that the initiator of the new facility was the charity Fund "Decent life" and the company "world of entertainment", which has been working in the garden of Victory for five years.

"We have been working for five years in the garden of Victory and annually contribute to its development, - says the representative Of the company" world of entertainment " Andrey Pleshko. - This Alley is our joint project with the charity Fund "Worthy life". It was placed near the amusement Park, all figures are anti-vandal, video surveillance is installed, round the clock security".

In the next two weeks, the company plans to complete the construction of the lawn around the amusement Park, as well as to launch a new attraction "Safari".