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Graffiti festival will be held in Chelyabinsk

This year, about 15 facades of Chelyabinsk buildings will be decorated with art paintings. The idea of holding a graffiti Festival in Chelyabinsk was presented today, February 14, to the acting head of the City Vladimir Elistratov at a meeting with residents of the Central district.

Representatives of the company "GraffitiRussia" nurtured this idea for three years. In the face of the mayor, they enlisted the support, and said that they had already agreed on a number of objects that are planning to decorate this summer. Positive experience, and one house on Sverdlov street in the last year is already decorated with vines, everybody is satisfied: the local residents and street artists, and city officials.

"We plan to hold the festival this spring. This will be the first such major event. The best sketches that will be presented from all over Russia for the competition for Chelyabinsk, we will put to the vote of citizens, and then implement on guest routes. We have already secured the support of the administration, and together we will try to make Chelyabinsk brighter", - said the Director of the company Pavel Shcheklein.

The mayor presented a number of projects that are being implemented for the benefit of Chelyabinsk. So, within the action "green theater" initiative citizens plant trees. And volunteers of the project "Tom Sawyer fest" put in order and restore historical houses. Chelyabinsk joined the all-Russian movement only last year, when for 31 days young people restored the house on Rossiyskaya street. The plans of the activists of a number of the Chelyabinsk object.

Discussed at the meeting the improvement of the area, in particular, in the neighborhood "Poplar alley". Athletes-instructors asked Vladimir Elistratov to pay attention to domestic platforms. If hockey courts are now in the field of view of the authorities, the universal are in a state of neglect. Besides, for trainings in the yards the mayor promised to consider possibility of increase and competent distribution of staff of instructors of municipal institution "the Sports city".

"Such meetings are very useful. Expert assessments of specialists are not enough, we need a direct dialogue with the residents to hear firsthand the problems that really exist. People are concerned about many issues, but they see that there is progress. After some time, we will meet again to listen to the residents of the city again, and to understand whether we are moving correctly," Vladimir Elistratov stressed.