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Ice town in Chelyabinsk will be dedicated to figure skating

This theme has been chosen in connection with the conduction in the capital of South Urals Russian Championship in this sport in December. On the eve of New Year on Revolutsyi Square there will be installed the Christmas tree, ice sculptures of domestic cartoon heroes with skates, ice hills will be built.

"We wanted to maximally reflect the theme of figure skating in our ice town. Therefore, there were a lot of ideas, proposals and options. We have chosen the best of the dozens of preliminary designs, - told the head of the Department of Culture of Chelyabinsk Administration Dmitry Nazarov. - Unfortunately, we had to give up preparing a large skating rink, as the area is sloped, vertical drop is of 56 meters up to 86 centimeters. It is very difficult and expensive, plus it is necessary to calculate the load on the supporting structures of the underground shopping mall".

As a result, it was decided to focus on the traditional version of the town and from Lenina avenue side to decorate its views with the Ural mountains and forests.

"We have decided to repeat the hill, which was the year before. A man rolling down from the broad surface falls into one of the sides, which will lead him back to the stairs. Thus we create an internal thread to separate skiers and walkers, - added the architect Lyubov' Novikova. -   All slides are technologically and functionally different. You can ride the ice waves on "Serpentine", and "Todes" will resemble skating in a pipe in a water park. People will get different emotions".

Minimum effects are provided for the kids: a straight slope, circular slide, as well as a funnel.

In the middle of the town a Christmas tree will be installed. From one side of it there will be sculptures led by Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, and in the second part of the avenue there will be an interactive figure of huge skates. Across the town there will hung garlands to complement the ice columns with glowing snowflakes. Special attention will be paid to illumination. According to Dmitry Nazarov, each figure, each element will be illuminated from the inside. For this purpose LED strips and spotlights will be fixed in figures, fence and hills.

For those wishing to relax in the town there will be installed benches, you will be able to snack or buy a souvenir in a designated area.

There will be about 25 figures and seven hills in total. For this purpose about 2 thousand cubic meters of ice will be needed. The project cost is 10 million rubles. This amount includes not only the construction, but also the illumination, events, security, cleaning, dismantling of the town.

"For the construction the ice 3should reach 0-40 cm thick, - stressed the head of the Cultural Department. - I hope that by the beginning of winter the material will be ready and from the first days of December the work can begin. Ice construction will finish by 23 of December".

By tradition, the opening of ice town will be bright and the finalists of the fifth regional open competition "Father Frost and the Snow Maiden of the South Urals" will help make this event memorable.

"It will be a real celebration with interactive games, quizzes and gifts for children. A competition for the title of the best winter wizards has already started, now we have received 15 applications. All interested can take part in it in the period until the end of November - said the director of the cultural and information activities Elena Syrkina. - We also organize a creative competition for children "Funny skates". Best holiday crafts will decorate Christmas trees in city parks".

All interested will be able to meet New Year 2017 in the ice town. There is planned a festive program and fireworks. Also, near the scene there will be set a big screen and the guests of the town will be able to see the President's address.

According to the tradition, from 2 to 7 of January in the town there will be held matinees for children.