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Information on utility accident in the street Plehanova

Yesterday, April 16, during the planned tests for the maximum temperature of the coolant, a defect in the heat networks was found at the intersection of the Kashirin brothers and the 40th anniversary of the Victory in Chelyabinsk. At the moment heat supply is disconnected in 77 houses. The situation is kept under control by the Head of the city Vladimir Elistratov.

At the time of damage to the main heating networks, the heat supply in the circuit of the North-Western boiler house was temporarily disconnected. Restrictions affected residents of 700 apartment buildings. In most of the ICD heat supply was restored yesterday, April 16, in the period from 23-00. In 77 houses heating and hot water will return soon. The staff of JSC "USTEK-Chelyabinsk" performs repair work in the shortest possible time.

During incident on the main thermal networks burns of feet received some people. All of them have received and continue to receive all necessary medical assistance. Three people refused from hospitalization. JSC "USTEK-Chelyabinsk" monitors the health of the victims.

JSC "OSTEC-Chelyabinsk" strongly encourages residents and guests to follow safety rules. It is important not to approach places of soaring and water outlet to the surface, remember that under the asphalt can be a washout with boiling water, do not go behind the fence. Special attention should be paid to the safety of children.

For reference: Tests for the maximum temperature of the heat carrier are obligatory, are carried out once in five years at the end of a heating season and help to reveal unreliable and potentially dangerous sites of pipelines. That, in turn, allows to prevent future defects, in time to plan repair, to provide reliability of heat supply on all sites of a heating system. On the basis of temperature tests to thermal networks of the city the passport of readiness for a heating season is issued.