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In the Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk a raid on illegal trade

On the instructions of the Head of the city Evgeny Teftlev, today, on February 8, another round of illegal outlets was held. Representatives of the Administration of Chelyabinsk and the deputy corps checked several grocery tents along Gagarin Street.

"A lot of complaints come from this street on illegal trade, these are clothes, fish, and dairy products. During the inspection, the sellers did not show us any documents, that is, no one bears responsibility for the health of the citizens, "noted Duma deputy Alexander Galkin.

Such raids are regular and aimed at preventing and combating such outlets. This confirms the positive experience of last year.

"Such trips should be held regularly, just last year we often walked and checked the vendors near the Thermotechnical Institute with a frequency of several weeks, and we managed to remove most of the illegal tents. I am sure that if you do this kind of work in a substantive and constant manner, you can succeed, "the deputy stressed.

After checking the documents from sales representatives, a protocol is drawn up, after which a hearing is appointed in the Office of Public Works, where offenders are invited. As a result of the meeting, an order is issued and administrative responsibility is given in the form of a warning or penalties.

"According to the current legislation, the following sanctions are provided: for individuals - a fine of one to five thousand rubles, for officials who are equated to individual entrepreneurs - up to 20 thousand, for legal - from twenty to one hundred thousand rubles. For the first time, we usually warn, the next time the amount of the fine increases, "said the chief specialist of the municipal control department of the improvement of the Office of Public Works Gerasim Kostylev.