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The men checked the Chelyabinsk road

Yesterday, on April 25, Chelyabinsk highways were checked by the working group of public control, established under the regional Ministry of Railways, where in 2017 the work on the Federal project "Safe and high-quality roads" and other municipal programs were carried out.

Such a composition of the visiting Committee met for the first time. In the detour, headed by the Minister of road economy and transport Dmitry Mikulica was attended by the activists of the popular front, honored road builders and construction workers, University professors, representatives of the Legislative Assembly, the office of Federal highways and the contractor to perform the work.

The Commission inspected the city's main thoroughfares: main Avenue and Victory street Heroes Tankograd, Labor, tsvillinga, the Young Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Plehanova and the Highway of Metallurgists.

"We see that these roads are in a satisfactory condition,- said the honorary road worker of the Russian Federation Vera Pronina - well kept modern plastic markings. The use of crushed stone-mastic asphalt concrete gives a stable positive result".

However, on two sites down the street Bogdan Khmelnitsky and highway Metallurgists appeared depths. Such damages were caused by accidents on heating mains and the subsequent repair works of the network organizations

"Bohdan Khmelnytsky street done accurately. Most of it is in excellent condition and now. But on a separate site there was an accident, - Dmitry Mikulik explains. "Today, after the winter, we saw two problem areas that, thanks to the actions of the network structures, lead to the destruction of the renovated road network."

According to the Minister of road economy, the problem must be solved comprehensively. First, eliminate utility deficiencies, and only then to repair the roads. This will be the main task of the city authorities in the new construction season.

In 2018, the plans for the road Grand. Only in Chelyabinsk under the program "Safe and high-quality roads" it is planned to repair 44.2 km of coverage.

"We have done a lot of preparatory work,— says Deputy Director for the construction of urban roads of JSC" Yuzhuralmost " Alexey Strugovets. - Asphalt this season will be laid in a seamless way, which will go from two to four pavers at the same time."

The Commission will continue its work until may 25, when defective sheets will be prepared for each city and regional road completed in 2017. The next stage will be the elimination of defects by the contractor for warranty obligations.