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The Municipal Unitary Enterprise "POVV" summed up the results for January

More than 270 damages on the networks in the water supply system of Chelyabinsk were eliminated by the employees of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "POVV" for the first month of this year: 100 leaks were eliminated from the ground and 172 from wells. In the sewerage system, 2398 applications were closed in January, including 1470 blockages and 6 reservoir damage.

The bulk of applications in the urban sanitation system is caused not by damage to the reservoir, but, as a rule, by household debris - garbage, which is not intended for flushing. Last weekend, a spill of domestic sewage at the intersection of Sonya Krivoi and Sverdlovskiy Avenue streets was also caused by the overflow of the collector with rags (kitchen rags, sponges), stones from toilet fillers for pets, personal hygiene items. Specialists of Municipal Unitary Enterprise "POVV" persuasively ask not to use for this purpose in-house sewerage, which, if incorrectly treated, inevitably clogs up external sewerage networks, leading to such unpleasant situations for the residents as the drainage of sewage to the outside.

The treatment facilities and pumping stations of the city worked in the planned mode. On the water supply and sanitation networks, the work was carried out according to the approved plan, taking into account emergency requests.


In total for the past 2017, the MUP "POVV" eliminated 3661 damage in the water supply system, which is 10% less than in 2016. For the year, 869 valves and 182 fire hydrants were replaced, 296 fire hydrants and 142 water pipes were carried out of a capital nature. In the sewerage system, 80 damages on reservoirs were eliminated and 16729 blockages were eliminated. 7.2 kilometers of sewage networks and 32.5 kilometers of water supply networks were changed.

Employees of the JV "Gorvodoprovod" MUP POVV daily routine preventive works to eliminate possible leaks. A great deal of work in this respect is annually carried out in the spring-summer periods, when in the pre-emergency sections of the networks in the wells there is a complete replacement of the piping and shut-off valves. There is an annual preventive cleaning-cleaning of networks, the service "Gorvodotvodenie" also regularly cleans the collector and the wells.