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Order of the Day of the City in Chelyabinsk will bring order

Subbotniks will be held in Chelyabinsk from August 28 to September 18. To restore order, timed to the celebration of the City Day, everyone is invited.

The plan of measures for sanitary cleaning and improvement of Chelyabinsk has already been signed by the Head of the city Evgeny Teftlev.The document instructs the heads of the inner city districts to organize and conduct work on the assigned territories, as well as to provide the participants of the events with inventory, transport equipment, and organize garbage collection. Communal workers will perform work on sanitary cleaning of yards and houses.

Municipal authorities recommended that heads of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership clean up their territories and adjacent areas, and put in order the entrance groups. Also, the authorities appeal to the residents of the city to join the Sabbath.