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The property and land management Committee provides free advice

In the Committee on property management and land relations of Chelyabinsk received appeals from citizens on the provision of residential premises or land ownership. For any questions, please contact the Committee during working hours.

Often, for the preparation of these appeals, citizens on a reimbursable basis apply to legal organizations, while not receiving services in full. Thus, most of the prepared appeals by legal organizations do not meet the requirements of the current legislation, do not entail legal consequences, because they are filed in violation of the established order. Thus, these organizations in most cases provide services to citizens of inadequate quality.

The Committee reminds Chelyabinsk residents that all consultations can be obtained free of charge. In addition, on the improvement of housing conditions and the provision of land in the property can apply to the MFC. To consider the issue on the merits of administrative regulations provides for the procedure for the provision of services and a list of necessary documents, it can also be found on the website of the city Administration:

Detailed and free consultations for citizens on the recognition of the poor, registration, provision of land in the property are in the Committee at the following addresses:

- Kirova str., 10, office 14, phone: 791-69-95;
- street of red Ural mountains, 15, office 2, 3, phone: 742-08-80;
- Gagarin street, 22, office 13, phone: 256-19-06;
- Bogdan Khmelnitsky street, 6, office 23, 24, phone: 735-72-61;
- 27 Ordzhonikidze street, office 32, phone: 237-39-56;
- Gorky street, 10, office 15, phone: 775-30-65;
- 89, Kommuny street, office 105, phone: 263-65-34;
- Timiryazeva str., 36, office 4, phone: 263 33 75.

Statements about the provision of municipal services and complete sets of documents shall be submitted in the prescribed manner to the Committee on the address: street thieves', 2, office No. 401. Working hours: Monday-Thursday from 8-30 to 17-30, Friday from 8-30 to 16-15, lunch break from 12-00 to 12-45. You can also apply through the MFC Chelyabinsk at the addresses: street Labor, 164, Komarova street, 39, street Novorossiysk, 118, victory Avenue, 396/1.