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With the prospect of Victory was removed 8 stalls

With a busy intersection on the Avenue of Victory today, 18 April, immediately dismantled a number of illegal commercial properties. All owners were given time to clean them yourself, but the requirement was ignored.

Entrepreneurs tried to defend their kiosks, insisting on the lack of notice of dismantling, but in the end, eight illegal pavilions were sealed and dismantled.

Now the approach is to work to restore order has become integrated, stripped from large areas, which is illegal. Next, in their place, the accomplishment, and relevant agencies ensure that entrepreneurs did not return their stalls in place. As the Deputy of the Chelyabinsk city Duma Alexander Galkin told, the notification is now issued not just to the object, but to a specific territory, which greatly simplifies the dismantling in case a kiosk appears again at this place.

"We are working on behalf of the ACTING Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Texler and the Head of the city Vladimir Elistratov. An integrated approach yields results. Such spontaneous mini markets spoil the streets of Chelyabinsk, around them garbage, unsanitary conditions. When choosing such territories, we make sure that people have an alternative for shopping, for example, that stationary stores are within walking distance," the people's Deputy emphasizes.

Last year alone, about 700 illegal objects were removed from the streets of Chelyabinsk, more than 1,000 in turn. The work is carried out according to the approved plan and schedule. Weekly service dismantling reports on the activities of the Head of the city of Chelyabinsk. Entrepreneurs can contact QUITO and legally to place your object, continues Galkin.

"Entrepreneurs can work legally, installing kiosks in designated areas, replenishing the Treasury, but apparently they are not very interested. Therefore, it is not surprising that they prevent dismantling. Every day measures to restore order are more and more difficult, the staff of the dismantling service is under pressure, threats are expressed. We understand that such a confrontation is inevitable, but we will continue this work. Chelyabinsk should be clean, comfortable and modern," the Deputy concluded.