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In the regional center will be created the fish cluster

Yesterday, 16 March, between the administration of Chelyabinsk, investment Development Agency  of Chelyabinsk and LLC «Bionic» a tripartite agreement was signed on cooperation for realization of the investment project «FISH PLACE» .The document will ensure the realization of the investment project in the "one window " mode .

The aim of the investment project company «Bionic» is the creation of a cluster of agro-industrial objects, the interrelated and complementary. The cluster «FISH PLACE» limited number of objects:

  • plant cultivation of clary catfish  with power 10000 ton per year of marketable products;
  • production of fodder for the needs of the complex "Aquaculture of Catfish";
  • the production of fish meal and fat to replenish the raw materials base feed production;
  • logistic center is a centralized processing and distribution of its own products as well as products of grazing fish farming;
  • hothouse complex "Ultra Clima"-production of 17000 tons of vegetables per  year.

The total investment in the project will amount to 6.58 billion. rubles, payback period-4.8 years. The project will be created at least 725 new jobs and its subsequent development will attract contractors and more than 400 professional outsourcing of various directions.

Fish cluster development will contribute to the healthy future of the city and the entire region, because its main purpose is to provide "healthy products" preschool, educational and medical institutions, as well as the distribution of products to the market of the southern Urals.