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Road equipment in Chelyabinsk continues to work

In Chelyabinsk 11 formed columns of snow removal equipment continue to work on cleaning the streets of snow and road treatment of ice. Road cars accompany the crews of the traffic police. At rush hour, from 18-00 to 19-00, the intensity of cleaning will be reduced, so as not to create additional difficulties when driving.

As at 17-00 been cleared of the Christmas street, highway Meridian, of Victory Avenue in the territory of Traktorozavodsky area, street Energetikov, Trubnikov, Batumi, Kronstadt, Maslennikova, Yerevan, Yenisei, Gagarin, Work in the area from Sverdlovsk Avenue to the North Crimean, the Russian, the North-Crimean from Work to Plehanova. Again technique spent clearing the streets of Lipetsk, the First Satellite, Degtyarev, Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Against ice processing performed canvases on the streets of the Road, Bolejko, Kozanowska, simple machines, socialist, Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the World.

We will remind, according to the representative of the company "Yuzhuralmost" Alex Strugovets, of great assistance in cleaning the road have the crews of the traffic police, who escorted 11 convoys, helping to minimize congestion. In total, the city has 170 snow machines.

Information on which roads of Chelyabinsk have been cleared as of 16-00 hours can be found here.