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A roadmap of city gardening would be compiled in Chelyabinsk

A week later in Chelyabinsk will be compile a programme for the upcoming greening at spring and autumn. Appropriate order gave today, 20 March, Mayor Eugene Teftelev. It will be discussed on the following hardware meeting.

" Soon it will be quite warm, Chelyabinsk will start tree and flowers planting. Necessary to draw up a roadmap for landscaping: how, where and by whom will be planted new seedlings, said Mayor- in this regard we are willing to work with people and the press, to clarify all the issues to take into criticisms. "

Landscaping plan would include proposals of active residents, leaders of enterprises of Chelyabinsk. Those who wish to plant trees in his backyard must agree on the landing scheme with the management company so the specialists could help to choose the place, taking into account the location of underground utilities.

Программа озеленения Челябинска