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For roads cleaning in Chelyabinsk propelled vacuum cleaners

Maintenance and servicing of roads of Chelyabinsk are under special control of the head of the city Eugene Teftelev. Last week on his behalf to the streets came out harvesting equipment, including vacuum cleaners. But the weather conditions do not yet permit them to operate at full capacity.

"On my behalf last Saturday  “Juzhuralmost"  brought on streets cleaners from dust and dirt cleaners, but, unfortunately, fully 24 hours a day, their using is impossible, as positive temperature of  air no permanent yet. While we will work during the daytime on "dry" without moisture, not to create an additional Frost ", -said Evgeniy Teftelev.

Special attention to cleaning and repair in the first place, should be given to the guest routes and Central routes, considers Mayor.

It should be reminded that road repairs in this year began on the 2 of March. The general contractor of AB "Juzhuralmost" applies a seasonal cold technology and cast mixtures for repair. They allow traffic to conduct ICAM patching at negative temperatures, the coldest time of the year. Per week in order brought more than 1,000 square meters of the roadway.


"We continue to increase the volume and pace of repairs to the main roads of the city. At the moment already done patching at 1150 square meters of roads, over 200 pits ", -reported the Deputy Director for maintenance of roads of JSC «Juzhuralmost» Eugene Lugansk.

A full-time job for laying asphalt concrete will begin in the middle of May. This year, under the contract, the contractor must make patching more than 60 thousand square meters of roads, re-made about 70 thousand square meters of asphalt "maps", i.e. plots of up to 100 square metres and the 470 thousand square meters of coating realize middle road repair.

It is worth noting that JSC "Juzhuralmost" this year acquired a new thermos-bunker with increased capacity and productivity, the load is 10 tonnes of a mixture that, three times more comparing  with ZIL. In addition, the contractor has purchased an additional 20 new vacuum cleaners, all of them are in the garage.

На уборку дорог в Челябинске вывели пылесосы