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Shopping complex "Aloe Pole" cleared of illegal advertising

In Chelyabinsk, work continues to restore order in accordance with the adopted design code. Today, on April 17, from illegal advertizing structures cleaned a shopping complex in the downtown.

Since the beginning of the year, about 200 signs that do not comply with the design code have been forcibly dismantled. Another 1000 to be removed either by the owners or by the municipality. In the latter case, the owner will have to reimburse the cost of dismantling, said the Deputy of the Chelyabinsk city Duma Alexander Galkin.

"On behalf of the ACTING Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Teksler and the Head of the city Vladimir Elistratov, we are systematically working to restore order in the streets of Chelyabinsk. Of course, it is important to put in order the facades of buildings, to clean them from the ugly advertising structures. Shopping complex "Scarlet field" is no exception. On the facade there are outdated huge stretch marks that completely cover it, and at the same time are still in a terrible state. Now the owner of the complex will have to put in order the facade, this will be followed by the Office of improvement and Architecture of the city", - said Galkin.

In the near future, the work on dismantling illegal advertising structures will be strengthened. In addition, the relevant departments ensure that the new signs correspond to the design code adopted in Chelyabinsk.

Recall that if any inconsistencies in the rules, the owner shall be notified that he has voluntarily fixed the design. If within a month the requirement is not fulfilled, it is removed by the municipal dismantling service, and all costs are then presented to the owner of the structure.

"The most difficult thing to work on Lenin Avenue, there is dense pedestrian traffic and little free space for transport, which is why it is difficult to drive up to the buildings. Often we are faced with the negative owners who claim that they did not receive the notification, but the documents say the opposite, just pull to the last. Now the situation is corrected, owners of signs understand that it is cheaper to make dismantle and to correct a situation. To date, about 30% of the requirements are fulfilled voluntarily within the prescribed period", - said the representative of the dismantling service Dmitry Paletsky.