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Three-meter portrait of puppet theater artists will present on the opening day "through the looking glass"

Tomorrow, March 21 is the international day of the puppeteer starts in Chelyabinsk large-scale cultural project #Teamcreated. The first event will be the presentation of the exhibition "Theatrical looking-glass", located on the main site of the project – in the Exhibition hall of the Union of artists.

The main attraction of the exhibition will be a huge canvas by Chelyabinsk artist Pavel Khodaev, which depicts the troupe of the Chelyabinsk puppet theater, headed by Valery Volkhovsky, who led the team during its heyday in the 70-80 years of the last century. The painting, painted in 1978, was awarded the Lenin Komsomol prize.

To deliver this picture to the exhibition, the organizers had to make a lot of effort. Since the picture is very large-more than three meters wide, it was stored vertically, and was literally locked in the vault. To make it, it was necessary to expand, which had to clear the room, remove other exhibits.

"Especially for the exhibition in the puppet theater made a modern photomontage-preserved the same composition, but with the current artists, now both versions are located in the same room opposite each other in a mirror image. We were invited to the exhibition authors – artist Paul Chadaeva and photographer Marat Mullaeva" - revealed secrets of the Vernissage, the first Deputy Minister of culture of Chelyabinsk region Gregory Zuckerman.

According to the organizers of the exhibition painting Chadaeva should be the center of the exposition dedicated to the puppet theatre.

On the opening day, the audience will see the scenery and dolls from the puppet theaters of Chelyabinsk, Ozersk and Magnitogorsk, fragments of the play "the Amazing journey of Edward the rabbit", which received two "Golden masks", performance.