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Total dictation in Chelyabinsk was written by more than two thousand people

Last week, 81 countries held an action "Total dictation". In Chelyabinsk the second text Paul Basinski "a Simple heart" written 2174 person, including 350 become parties to test TruD.

"81 countries, more than 1,200 cities and almost four thousand sites have joined the Total dictate. 186150 people from 889 cities took part in the action in Russia. Most of the participants gathered in Moscow, where 19307 people came to write a dictation of Pavel Basinsky and assess their literacy. The three leaders also included St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk – 11500 and 7295 people, respectively," - said the project Manager Olga Rebkovets.

In Chelyabinsk this year there were 36 sites, among them the most unusual – 360° Ferris Wheel, boiling Point, ICAE, Gazpromneft. Universities have traditionally become the largest venues. The action was attended by museums, libraries, bookstores and other sites.
Works of participants of the action were estimated by philologists volunteers. Each work was checked several times by philologists, those dictators who claimed to be "excellent" were evaluated at least three times. This year, from Chelyabinsk to write a dictation on "perfectly" able 18 people, 20 standouts TruD revealed the test, which is conducted for people just starting to study Russian language.

"Initially, the text seemed simple, – said the Chairman of the audit Commission in Chelyabinsk Irina Golovanova. – Pavel Basinsky did not try to be original in terms of rules and author's deviations from them. But at the same time the most difficult cases of the school program met: and spelling "the same", and spelling adverbs, and writing a dash between subject and predicate. Suffice it to recall what resonance caused the absence of a dash between the subject and the predicate of Dina Rubina, and then this case also turned out to be from the school program. So the first impression is deceptive."

Most of the participants will know their results this week – the organizers promise to make all the results on the site by Wednesday. The results of the test can be found directly from home. To do this, go to your personal account on the official website of the project after April 17 and enter the data that each participant has indicated on his form. Works on hand can be obtained on the same site where the participants wrote the dictation.

Analysis of the text of the dictation online will be held on April 19 at 17-00 Moscow time, it will be held by the Chairman of the Expert Council of the action Natalia Borisovna koshkareva. Face-to-face consultations with philologists in Chelyabinsk will be held:

- April 18 at 18-00 in the case of 3 CSU (RM. 302, PR. Victory, 162 In);
- April 19 at 16-30 in the Chelyabinsk regional library for the visually impaired and blind (prospect Sverdlovsk, 58);
- April 20 at 12-30 in the Youth Department of the Central library. A. S. Pushkin (street Communes, 69).

According to the organizers, the action gathered 236284 participants around the world, which is almost 9 thousand more than last year. Abroad, the text was written by 26 thousand people, among them the participants of the Total dictation, and the TruD test. The action for the first time in the history of the project was held in the UAE, Peru and Myanmar and covered 80 countries outside Russia, 350 foreign cities, 61 of which participated for the first time. Germany and the USA became the leader by the number of the joined settlements — here the Total dictation was held in 19 cities. Most participants gathered Donetsk — 3128 people, and in Tallinn, the capital of the project this year, the dictation was written by 2469 people. Paraguay, which had not previously participated in the project, joined the project.

In 2019, the Total dictation was held using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society, provided by the presidential grants Fund. Mail of Russia has helped to deliver 858 packages with branded handles Berlingo xGold™ in 582 settlements.

"Total dictation" is an annual educational event in the form of a voluntary dictation for everyone. The purpose of the action is to give everyone an opportunity to test their knowledge of the Russian language and arouse interest in literacy. The idea of a voluntary dictation for everyone was born in Novosibirsk in the student club of the faculty of Humanities of NSU "glum-club" in the early 2000s. For 15 years of existence, the Total dictation has become a large-scale international event. In 2018, the dictation was written by more than 220 thousand people from 76 countries. The organizer of the Fund for the support of the linguistic culture of citizens "Total dictation".

Read more about the project on the website