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Vladimir Elistratov: “There are complaints, but the roads are in passing condition”

How the roads are cleaned after a night snowfall today, November 29, was checked by temporarily fulfilling the authority of the Head of Chelyabinsk Vladimir Elistratov. Prior to the start of the working day, he drove through the main city streets and assessed the work of the contractor.

In particular, I looked at Lenin Avenue, Komsomolsky Avenue, Victory Avenue, Kirov Street.

"On Monday morning, at a hardware meeting, I said about the unsatisfactory condition of the roadway, which I saw on the way to work. We discussed this situation with the deputy on the road sector, Vladimir Aleinikov, and representatives of Yuzhuralmost, determined the key points, said points that are mandatory for execution. And today we have seen how it is being implemented in "combat conditions", - commented Vladimir Elistratov. - To be honest, I am satisfied with what I saw, under the contract the contractor performs everything, at least on the main city arteries. Although there were enough comments, including to the heads of districts for cleaning the territory under their jurisdiction. "

During the retreat, the question was raised reagent, which handle the road.

"To combat the ice and coasting salt is used moistened with a solution of calcium chlorine. Such material is distributed over the coating most evenly", said Alexey Strugovets, director for construction and operation of urban highways of Yuzhuralmost JSC. - If you do not sprinkle the road, it will be unsafe to drive. Two years ago, a sand-salt mixture was used, but we refused it, because there were many complaints about dust and clogged groundwater showers. Salt has become the best alternative. This is the most effective and benign method that has the least impact on the ecosystem of Chelyabinsk".

Add a day for cleaning the roads out about 200 cars. Today, there are 150 units of snowplows on the streets of the city: combined road machines, loaders, MTZ tractors, dump trucks.